Mission and vision

PRIMA.MK LLC is part of PRIMA GROUP international corporation specialized in the import and distribution of leading tobacco products.

PRIMA.MK LLC, since it’s existence, operates running towards a single objective, to be what it is today, a successful company in the field of import and distribution. Following our quality policy and objective, we have become one of the leading companies for import and distribution of tobacco products.

The satisfaction of our customers is our satisfaction and motivation to achieve even greater success, we are in a constant race to meet the needs of our customers so that our products are available at any time at any place.

Quality Policy

PRIMA.MK is committed to establishing and maintaining a system for quality management, and in order to realize its objective, a satisfaction of its customers by complying with the following principles:

✔ Constantly improve the quality of services in order to realize the demands of end users, to fulfill their expectations and hence to increase their pleasure and justify their trust and loyalty;

✔ Improving the process efficiency;

✔ Improving the competence of employees and their constant motivation;

✔ Identification and control of the health hazards of employees in order to prevent violations of jobs and disruption of health as a result of conditions at the workplace;

✔ Compliance with all legal regulations regarding the activity and the scope of operation of our company;

✔ By permanent risk analysis, and through the established system of management processes, to systematically control the potential hazards;

✔ We maintain fair partnerships with our clients in a positive impact on their development and evaluation of their performance to ensure quality and timely delivery of services;

✔ Maintaining partnerships with suppliers, which is a key factor for accurate and timely delivery of customer service;

✔ Control of feedback and satisfaction monitoring, through regular interactions with customers and process of checks on delivery;

✔ Management audit, internal audit of the management team, which enables us to ensure process quality of the products based on customer requirements;

✔ We notify and explain the policy and the objectives to employees, customers and all other stakeholders.

Quality Policy is a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives, and the management of 'PRIMA.MK' has the full responsibility for providing appropriate resources and monitoring their implementation.